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développement durable


développement durable

Belgian blue

développement durable

Professional customers

SprimontBlue® stone is exported throughout Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the USA


Paving, stairs, external façade, sink, shower, window sill elements, swimming pool, terrace


Engineering structures

Sawn sections

Technical information

«Petit granit - Belgian blue limestone, crinoid limestone, grey-blue in tone, stratigraphic period Upper Tournaisian (Lower Carboniferous, Palaeozoic), belonging to the category [to specify] in accordance with the classification taking account of particular features regarding structure and appearance, as established in technical information note n° 220 of the C.S.T.C. (2002).

This stone comes from quarries holding the Technical Approval certified by the, which covers the entire deposit. The finish and appearance will match the samples presented to the person responsible for the project; these three contractual samples will show the standard appearance and the two extremes of variation allowed within under the contract.

Equivalence : Any proposed product or finish differing from the description given above must undergo the equivalence procedure described in manual 100.2 published by the department of construction quality at the Ministry of Communications and Infrastructure, now the Federal Public Service for the Economy».

Available surface treatments

 Minimum thicknessStandart thickness and
specific features
Split   5 cm 5 cm 8/10/15 cm
Hammered thick 3 cm 3 cm Manual 6 cm - 16/25 sawteeth
mechanical 5 cm
  thin 3 cm 4 cm Manual 5 cm - 49 sawteeth
mechanical 3 cm
Ciselé   3 cm 3 cm 5 cm - mechanical 15 strikes/dm
Manual 15/20/25 strikes/dm
Sawn   2 cm   1/5 cm
Ground   2 cm 2 cm 5 cm
Honed blue 2 cm   2 cm
  dark 1 cm   2 cm
Polished   1 cm   2 cm
Flamed   3 cm 3 cm  
Grinded gray 1 cm 1 cm  
  blue 1 cm 1 cm  
Chased the old   3 cm 3 cm  

Private customers

Made to measure according to the project/non-binding quotation.


Rubble stonework, wall covering, lintel, door step, external window sill

Inside the house

Paving, staircase, kitchen worktop, shower tray, sink, window sill

In the garden

Coping, furniture, terrace, paving stones, letter box

Maintenance advice

Stone is a living material that moves over time.


Floors : After the drying period that follows the placing of the blue stones (3 months, during which it is recommended to use only a damp floor cloth and clear water), we recommend that you clean the paving with warm water and a neutral soap, such as Marseille soap or a linseed oil based soap, then rinse with clear water. Do not rinse the floor the first few times it is cleaned in order to saturate it.

For window sills and worktops : regularly clean to avoid limescale staining.

Warm soapy water and a sponge work best.

Avoid : ammonia or vinegar, even diluted.
Remove vinegar stains by cleaning with clear water then wipe with a cloth and some olive oil.


Blue stone requires no particular maintenance.
Simply wash the stones with a hose and a hard brush, if necessary. Diluted bleach can be used

High pressure jet cleaning can be used but the spray should be adjusted to avoid damage to the joints.

Avoid : diesel stains or deposits, they cannot be removed


The first SprimontBlue® showroom at the Sprimont Quarry site is open to visitors.

This is an ideal opportunity to find out all about Sprimontblue® blue stone in all its forms. Whether it’s interior stone tiling, external paving, bathroom furniture, tables or decorative lamps, the full range of products is on show. Ideal for choosing among the available blue stone ranges and finishes.
The blue stone tiles and paving slabs are laid in panels with a floor area of 1 to 2 square metres. The indoor or outdoor furniture is accessible and displayed in representative settings.

Carrières de Sprimont
Rue Joseph Potier, 13
4140 Sprimont
Opening times:
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Or by appointment: 04/382.13.97

Tiles and paving 



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SprimontBlue®, the queen of Belgian blue stones

In the heart of the Liege region in the south of Belgium lies one of the most beautiful Belgian blue stone quarries in operation.

A stone of extraordinary purity, SprimontBlue® stone combines the best characteristics of petit granit (Belgian blue stone).

Combining an inherited traditional know-how with cutting-edge technology, the stone is quarried in an environmentally responsible manner way by people whose skills continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

From the bridge at Fragnée in Liege in 1900 to the new Guillemins railway station in 2012, SprimontBlue® stone has contributed for more than a century to the construction of an exceptional architectural heritage.

SprimontBlue® stone is exported throughout Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the USA.