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Scultpture en pierres de sprimont


Scultpture en pierres de sprimont

Belgian blue

sculpture en pierre bleue

International Sculpture Meeting of Sprimont

From 3 until 29 August 2015

For over 20 years, Sprimont Quarries, in conjunction with the Stone Museum, have played host to the International Sculpture Meetings of Sprimont. During this event, 15 artists, chosen by a jury, will work a 1 m3 block of Belgian blue stone

Recognised for its technical and aesthetic qualities, this stone is offered by the Sprimont Quarries.

The purpose of these meetings is to promote the stone and the possibilities it provides on both the artistic and the industrial level. Sprimont Quarries and the Museum aim to encourage an approach in which the stone retains its sobriety and its character.

The number of visitors has been steadily increasing since 1994. Whether you are a stone lover, art lover or just simply curious, it is the emotion emanating from the artists that really stands out.