Carrière de Sprimont - Private

sprimont blue



Belgian blue


Private customers

Made to measure according to the project/non-binding quotation.


Rubble stonework, wall covering, lintel, door step, external window sill

Inside the house

Paving, staircase, kitchen worktop, shower tray, sink, window sill

In the garden

Coping, furniture, terrace, paving stones, letter box

Maintenance advice

Stone is a living material that moves over time.


Floors : After the drying period that follows the placing of the blue stones (3 months, during which it is recommended to use only a damp floor cloth and clear water), we recommend that you clean the paving with warm water and a neutral soap, such as Marseille soap or a linseed oil based soap, then rinse with clear water. Do not rinse the floor the first few times it is cleaned in order to saturate it.

For window sills and worktops : regularly clean to avoid limescale staining.

Warm soapy water and a sponge work best.

Avoid : ammonia or vinegar, even diluted.
Remove vinegar stains by cleaning with clear water then wipe with a cloth and some olive oil.


Blue stone requires no particular maintenance.
Simply wash the stones with a hose and a hard brush, if necessary. Diluted bleach can be used

High pressure jet cleaning can be used but the spray should be adjusted to avoid damage to the joints.

Avoid : diesel stains or deposits, they cannot be removed