Carrière de Sprimont - Sustainable development

développement durable


développement durable

Belgian blue

développement durable

Sustainable development

SprimontBlue® stone is quarried entirely in accordance with a sustainable development approach. An actor of economic development that is respectful of tradition, the company encourages short cycles by enabling all of its customers to choose and accept their orders directly at the site of operations.

Respect for the stone and its environment

Humans have a very real love affair with nature. SprimontBlue® stone is quarried using a shearer. This technique consists in cutting the rock within the vein itself without damaging either the stone or its environment. Blasting is avoided to preserve the quality of the stone.

SprimontBlue, a sustainable product

SprimontBlue® stone is 100 % natural. With its invaluable qualities, it perpetuates the architectural heritage of yesterday and today. Locally produced, it forms part of the noble family of building materials.

A local economic actor

50 men and women from the local region apply their trade with passion and a unique know-how passed on from generation to generation. Skills and the expertise in the fields of extraction, cutting and finishing are gained directly in contact with the stone. Within the company, it is the old hands who train the next generation.