Carrière de Sprimont - Guarantees

garantie sprimont



Belgian blue



Quality standards

Technical approvals

ATG 00/H782  Anthisnes

Statement of origin

«Petit granit - Belgian blue limestone, crinoid limestone, grey-blue in tone, stratigraphic period Upper Tournaisian (Lower Carboniferous, Palaeozoic), belonging to the category [to specify] in accordance with the classification taking account of particular features regarding structure and appearance, as established in technical information note n° 220 of the C.S.T.C. (2002).

This stone comes from quarries holding the Technical Approval certified by the, which covers the entire deposit. The finish and appearance will match the samples presented to the person responsible for the project; these three contractual samples will show the standard appearance and the two extremes of variation allowed under the contract.

Equivalence : Any proposed product or finish differing from the description given above must undergo the equivalence procedure described in manual 100.2 published by the department of construction quality at the Ministry of Communications and Infrastructure, now the Federal Public Service for the Economy ».