Carrière de Sprimont - Historical background

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historique sprimont

Belgian blue

historique sprimont

Historical background

The blue stone deposits at Sprimont have been quarried since the earliest of times. The renowned very high quality of this blue stone incited Mathieu Van Roggen, a Dutchman, to operate the quarry along highly professional lines.

In 1880, he streamlined his operations and modernised the production facilities. The power station he built there in 1904 bears witness to a remarkable industrial architecture in which SprimontBlue® stone is a dominant feature. The Merbes-Sprimont group managed the properties up until 1984, the year in which the Brancaleoni family took over ownership of the business.

In 2006, the Sprimont quarry merged with the Chanxhe quarry.

The operation is now more relevant than ever, employing some fifty workers who have a wealth of experience and a know-how that has been passed down through the generations.

For more than a century the Carrières de Sprimont company has contributed to the construction of an exceptional architectural heritage both in Belgium and abroad.