Carrière de Sprimont - Characteristics

caractéristisques sprimont blue


caracteristique pierre de sprimont

Belgian blue

Caractéristique pierres de sprimont

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SprimontBlue® is a very high quality blue stone. Also known as «petit granit», it is characterised by the presence of a great many fossil remains, cemented together by a microcrystalline gangue containing finely divided carbon. When the stone is freshly broken, the fossils produce a sparkling effect through the action of the light on the facets. The crinoids, corals and shells stand out pale against a dark background, which varies from light grey to black, through a range of bluish shades, according to the finish. The stone becomes lighter with exposure to harsh weather conditions, through the surface washing of the interwoven carbon .

Mineralogical composition
Calcite 96 %, traces of dolomite, quartz and pyrite
Apparent density  2687 Kg/m3
Porosity  0,28 % vol
Velocity of sound  5527 m/s
Compressive strength  157,9N/mm2
Flexural strength  16,7N/mm2
Static modulus of elasticity  86,9 GPa
Wear behaviour 2,87mn/1000 m
Frost susceptibility  0
Thermal transmission coefficient  2,9W/mK
Thermal expansion coefficient  0,00046 mm/mK
Sensitivity to atmospheric pollutants  0